Preparing Students for a Career in the Film Industry

Over a hundred industry leaders have partnered with us to produce the industry's most comprehensive training program - built from real life experiences for real world results.

Bridging Your Classroom to the Industry

Teaching film and media is challenging. As instructors we never seem to have enough time or resources to fully engage our students. We get it… that’s why we built FilmSkills Academic.

FilmSkills Academic has partnered with Emmy and Academy Award winning filmmakers to provide you an extensive online resource that combines in-depth videos based on industry best practices, constantly updated illustrated tutorials, downloadable resources, classroom exercises, and student assessment tools– all for the cost of a textbook.

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All New On-Set Audio Lessons

Announcing a massive update to our already comprehensive on-set audio recording series. Engaging video tutorials feature Academy Award and Emmy winning filmmakers who methodically reveal

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300+ Lessons

From story development to distribution, FilmSkills covers the entire filmmaking process from the big picture to the details. Mix and match the right lessons for each class.

Industry Leaders

Built in partnership with a dozen companies and 150 Hollywood filmmakers, who have been honored with over 70 Academy Award and Emmy wins or nominations.

Teaching Tools

Manage student rosters, create group tests, assign projects, build certifications, author your own content, build online courses, and engage students with robust teaching tools.

Going Where No Text Book Has Gone Before

Video-based tutorials let the students experience the filmmaking process. Jam packed with rich content, each lesson has been expertly tailored to provide students with a well-rounded perspective by showing… not telling them.

120 Hours of On-Set Video Tutorials

In-depth video tutorials shot on Hollywood sets feature Emmy and Academy Award winning and nominated filmmakers. Chapterized for easy access.

Hundreds of Illustrated Articles

Packed with behind-the-scenes photos, anecdotes, and real-world tips and techniques, beautifully-illustrated articles bring difficult concepts to life.

Over 4,000 Test Questions

Create customizable group tests in minutes and access our library of over 5,000 test questions, carefully written from the content in each lesson.

Hundreds of Downloadable Resources

Students can download real documents from working TV and movie sets, plus hundreds of blank templates for use on their own productions.

Web Links

Students will discover the players in the industry from equipment vendors, staffing agencies, networks, studios, and production companies with our online resources.

Mix and Match Lessons to Build the Perfect Class

With over 270 lessons from which to choose, each instructor can build a custom learning path unique to his or her class. Lessons unlock a wealth of content and materials.

Advanced Classroom Management

FilmSkills provides powerful tools to help you deliver your curriculum and manage your students. From self-guided online courses to rich certification programs, FilmSkills can power your program, no matter its size.

FilmSkills Academic has been widely adopted by over 125 film schools

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Over 125 schools and film commissions have used FilmSkills to enhance their curriculum and better prepare their students for a life in the film industry. Discover how affordable FilmSkills Academic is.