Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you don't see the answer here, please check out the help tutorials or send us an e-mail.


FilmSkills Academic offers a flat rate per student account for unlimited access to all the content lessons. We offer discounts based on:

  • The number of student accounts you wish to license
  • The duration of the license (4, 8, or 12 months)

Note that you will be billed for all students enrolled, regardless of usage or engagement.

Next, you can choose a platform option which will be added to the license cost.

When you set up each class or course in FilmSkills Academic, you can choose whether you want your organization to pay via invoice, or if you would like to collect payment from your students via credit card.

If you have a basic platform option, all credit card payments will go directly to FilmSkills Academic.  However, if you upgraded your platform, you can use the integrated credit card processor to collect student payments. The payments will be directly deposited into your bank account. 

The student license includes all of our lessons.  And while we do not offer lessons a la carte, you can pick and choose the lessons you wish you use when you build each of your classes in FilmSkills Academic.

The only exception is the Safety Training Course, which is available both in the student license and separately.

Getting Students Enrolled

There are one of three ways you can enroll your students:

Direct Link to – Using this option, students can click on “Begin Learning,” then they can choose their school and the class they are to join.

Link to – Use this link if you chose the free platform tier. Your school’s account will be listed in the dropdown list of schools on the course catalog page.

Link to your dedicated landing page – If you upgraded your platform tier, then you can build your own landing page, about us page, and course catalog page which displays only your courses.  The link will be<your school’s name>/courses.



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