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Making teaching and learning easier

Enhance your students’ learning experience with cutting edge content and powerful classroom management tools.

Learning Management

The advanced AccuSkills platform empowers you with classroom management tools, build online courses, certification programs, and much more

White Label

Fully customize the look and feel of the platform to match your organization's branding with an intuitive, no-coding-required site editor.

Monetize Your Content

Share, license, and distribute your multimedia lessons, online courses, and in-person classes with other organizations. Generate revenue with integrated credit card processing.

Classroom Support Tools

Engineered to provide flexible classroom management, FilmSkills Classes support your live classes. Simply choose your lessons, set the class dates, and enjoy the suite of tools at your fingertips.

Assign and Manage Class Content

Assign lessons, projects, tests to your students, track lesson engagement, and much more.

Manage Your Student Roster

Set seat limits for each class, auto-enroll students, and track student logins.

Testing and Assessment Tools

Build auto-grading group tests with time limits, grading options, and manage your own questions.

Grade Book and Attendance

Track, edit, and curve grades and attendance for the entire class and individual students.

Interactive Projects and Exercises

Create, assign, accept student submissions, and grade student projects and exercises.

Powerful Authoring Tools

Author your own self-contained multimedia lessons, which you can share with other instructors to synchronize your curriculum. Mix and match lessons to build in-person classes or online courses specifically tailored to your students’ needs.

  • Full video hosting, editing, and preview editor lets you add videos to your lesson
  • Set video chapter markers for quick reference
  • Add interactive online PowerPoints
  • Add test questions
  • Create projects and exercises
  • Add links to online resources
  • Add files for your students to download
  • Control which instructors can use and edit each lesson

Build Certification Courses

Unlike FilmSkills Classes, which supports instructor-led classrooms, FilmSkills Courses are completely self-guided and require little-to no instructor interaction.

Students can join any time, and can learn anytime, anywhere. Simply choose your lessons, add tests and projects, set-up the certificate of completion, and invite your students.

Student Management

All new tools make it easy to manage a roster of 10 or 10,000 students.  

  • Batch create student accounts yourself with only a name and e-mail address
  • One-click login for new students expedite the registration process
  • Assign students into groups, then easily assign groups to classes, courses, and certification programs
  • Auto-enroll student into any class or course
  • Manually reset student passwords
  • Log in to student accounts to troubleshoot


Integrated E-Commerce

Accept Credit Card Payments

Sell your classes and courses to students and keep 100% of the profits. You have your own credit card account and the revenue flows directly into your bank account - no middle man.

Accounting Manager

Manage your revenue with our robust, integrated accounting tool. Track which classes, courses, and lessons are selling best, and view your numbers at a glance.

Create Stunning
Certification Programs

Certification is a powerful tool to motivate your students to achieve, while adding value to your online courses.  Flexible certification programs enable you to create, manage, and and administer your certifications with easy and efficient.