Discover what's new for Fall 2024

Manage Your Faculty

Whether you’re a team of 2 or 200, the Instructor Manager makes it easy to create, coordinate, manage, and enable your staff.

Create and Manage Instructors

The new Instructor Manager consolidates account management into one simple dashboard. 

  • Create new instructor accounts
  • Add and manage your adjunct professors and guest lecturers
  • Approve or decline new instructor applications
  • E-mail instructors
  • Manually reset instructor account passwords
  • Log into you instructor’s accounts

Manage Instructors' Classes and Courses

View and manage each of your instructor’s current, upcoming, and expired in-person classes and and online courses.

  • View class and course status
  • Track student enrollment
  • Contact and manage student rosters
  • Re-assign classes and courses to other instructors
  • Open, manage, and edit any instructor’s class or course

Manage Permissions

Control which AccuSkills functions each instructor can access, including

  • The Site Editor – to customize the branding, look, and feel of your account
  • The Accounting Manager – to set up and manage student credit card payments, invoices, revenue reports, and royalties
  • The Instructor Manager – allow a user to create and manage other instructor accounts
  • Network Sharing – to share or license your lessons, classes, and courses with other AccuSkills accounts
  • Control which lessons each instructor can use in classes and online courses, and which lessons they can edit