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Author Your Own Lessons

The Building Blocks of Your Curriculum

Lessons are the revolutionary way today’s educators are creating and integrating training content. Incredibly versatile, lessons are self-contained multimedia tutorials instructors mix and match to create training classes tailored to the needs of each student group.

Add Virtually Anything into a Lesson

Each lesson is the ultimate multimedia container, supporting a range of instructional materials.


Add video to your lessons with video trimming tools, a preview editor, and chapter markers. Monitor student engagement with integrated tracking tools.


Author beautifully-illustrated articles complete with slideshows, embedded videos, tables, and quotation insets.

Test Questions

Write multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions for each lesson. Test question from multiple lessons can be selected to create customized tests.


Add virtually any downloadable file type to each lesson. From Excel worksheets to PDF forms, class files will always be at your students' fingertips.

Web Links

Bring the power of the internet to your classroom by adding links to outside websites and online resources.


Engage yoru students worldwide with dedicated discussion forums for each lessons. Simple notifications keep you as engaged as your students.


Brand each lesson with your own personal bio, or information about your company or school. Add bios for any content contributors to each lesson.

Share and Sync

Synchronize lessons among your fellow instructors with one click. You control who can use your lessons, and who can edit them.


License your lessons to educators in other companies and schools. You control your own content, set your own price, and earn 100% of the revenue.


Lessons work together seamlessly, no matter who authored them. Build your lessons into a class and unlock each lesson's full content.

– Step 1 –

Design Your Curriculum

Whether you are teaching an academic program, training your local workforce, or you need custom learning paths for your learners, FilmSkills makes it easy for you to plan out your curriculum.

– Step 2 –

Create Your Lessons

Convert your curriculum into gorgeous multimedia lessons. Add video, PowerPoints, illustrated tutorials, slideshows, files for students to download, and much more.

– Step 3 –

Build Classes and Courses

Mix and match your lessons along with FilmSkills lessons to create customizable in-person training classes and self-guided online certification courses. Each lesson expands, allowing the instructor of each class to mix, match, and assign, the lesson content to students.

Main Lesson Theater


Upload and trim your videos, all fully hosted on our secure servers. Customize your videos with trimming tools, set chapter markers, and automatically choose up to 2 minutes as a preview.

PowerPoint Presentations

Upload your PowerPoint file, and students can interact with it in the lesson without PowerPoint. All video, audio, animations, and transitions are fully preserved.

Upload Videos

Fully Hosted

Every video is automatically compressed and uploaded to our servers. No need to upload to YouTube first.

Batch Upload Videos

Upload up to a dozen videos at a time, then assign them to the lesson of your choice.

Trimming Tools

After you upload each video, you can trim the head or tail of the video, or set a duration.

Chapter Markers

Set chapter markers at key points of the video to allow students to jump to any marker.

Illustrated Tutorials

WYSIWYG Authoring Tools

Simple editing tools make it easy to craft beautiful, media rich tutorials.

Tables and Captions

Easily add tables and embedded captions into the body text of each tutorial.

Add Images and GIFs

Simple sliders let you place, scale, add borders to, and caption your photos in seconds.

Embedded Video

Easily add videos from YouTube and Vimeo to the body copy of the lesson.

Files and Weblink

Add Downloadable Files

Upload forms, worksheets, examples, or any other file you would like students to download.

Add Weblinks

Include links and a description to online web sites, downloads, and resources.

Test Questions

3 Question Types

Choose a multiple choice, true/false, or short answer format for questions about the content of each lesson.

Mix and Match

Test questions from multiple lessons can be mixed and matched to create customizable tests.

Branding & Organization

Author Bio

Display the personal bio of the lesson author, or a description of your organization.


Set which instructors in your organization can use and/or edit each lesson.


Create custom categories and assign lessons to each category.


Add a unique thumbnail image to each lesson. This is an ideal way to brand lessons with your logo.