The Ultimate Filmmaking Curriculum

300+ lessons packed with on-set video tutorials taught by Oscar and Emmy-winning filmmakers, illustrated articles, hundreds of downloadable forms, online resources, and much, much more.

Video Tutorials

Experience every part of the filmmaking process through engaging on-set video tutorials shot on working sets.


Supplement videos with thousands of illustrated articles on nearly every facet of the filmmaking process.


Download hundreds of real documents from top TV shows and movies, as well as blank templates you can use on your own productions.

Web Links

Connect with industry leading production companies, job boards, vendors, rental facilities, and online resources.

Explore the Lessons

Your academic license includes the following lessons. Mix and match lessons to create custom learning paths for your students.

300+ On-Set Video Tutorials

The heart of the FilmSkills curriculum is the ever-growing video library, in which top Academy and Emmy Award winning filmmakers show your students the process of filmmaking. Each video is fully chapterized and can be assigned whenever you want.

  • Over 300 videos covering the entire filmmaking process
  • Each video averages 25 minutes long
  • Featuring over 70 Academy Award and Emmy winning filmmakers
  • Show students production processes you can't demonstrate in the classroom
  • Fully chapterized, so you can easily navigate each video
  • Includes embedded tracking to monitor student viewership
  • Videos are constantly updated with the newest information

Includes 5000 Test Questions

You read that right. Our academic team scrutinized each lesson and wrote a library of test questions so you wouldn’t have to.  With our advanced testing tool, you can mix and match questions, add your own, and customize a test in under a minute.

  • Multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions
  • You have the option to filter out short answer questions
  • Tests are auto-graded for instant results
  • Set a test window, duration, and randomization options
  • Mix and match test questions from multiple lessons
  • Set the number of attempts and passing grade
  • Full reporting for class and individual student results
  • Grading tool to efficiently manage short answer questions
  • Perfect for large group instruction
  • Auto-notifications if a student has a problem during the test

Includes Hundreds of Projects and Exercises

We’ve crafted hundreds of hand-on exercises designed to help students apply and practice the skills they learned through the FilmSkills lessons. With our advanced platform tools, students can submit the results which you can grade and provide feedback instantly.

  • Projects are academically designed around lesson content
  • Includes hundreds of projects you can assign to students
  • Author your own projects to work with the FilmSkills projects
  • Share your projects with other instructors
  • Assign and administer projects on specific dates
  • Students can complete and submit projects through the platform
  • Grade projects and provide instructor feedback
  • Project grades are automaticaly added to GradeBook

Downloadable Forms and Templates

Students can download hundreds of industry-standard templates and forms for use on their own productions, including actual examples from working Hollywood productions which allow your students can see how the pros do it.

Add FilmSkills To Your Curriculum

Over 80 schools and film commissions have used FilmSkills to enhance their curriculum and better prepare their students for a life in the film industry. Discover how affordable FilmSkills Academic is.