Curriculum Guides

Marketing and Distribution Curriculum

This curriculum guides students through the marketing and distribution process of a feature film.  With emphasis on studio-driven marketing techniques, students learn how to identify and market their product to a targeted audience.

The second half guides students through the distribution process – both in the United States and worldwide. 

Learning Objectives

Students will gain an understanding of the marketing and distribution process. Students will acquire skills used by professional studio marketers to promote and market their productions to a wider audience.

About the Lessons

Every box in the curriculum outline below is a self-contained lesson, complete with a 20-30 minute long on-set video tutorial, test questions, projects and exercises, and downloadable resources to enhance the lesson.

Lessons can be mixed and matched to create a custom learning path in each class, and while the curriculum below is our recommendation as the content producers, you can select any lessons you wish when building each class, including lessons from other categories.

Download the Complete Curriculum Catalog

The catalog features complete descriptions and video durations for every FilmSkills Academic lesson. You can look up each lesson from the curriculum flow chart below for more information.