Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you don't see the answer here, please check out the help tutorials or send us an e-mail.


FilmSkills Academic offers a flat rate per student account for unlimited access to all the content lessons. With the flat rate, your faculty can create unlimited classes by mixing and matching FilmSkills lessons. Each student can join as many classes as you like under the license. We offer discounts based on:

  • The number of student accounts you wish to license
  • The duration of the license (4, 8, or 12 months)

Note that you will be billed for all students enrolled, regardless of usage or engagement.

Next, you can choose a platform option which will be added to the license cost.

We realize that every school is different in how they process invoices, which is why we offer flexible options. Typically, we will send a quote, then once you approve it, simply send us a purchase order and we will set-up your account.

If you would like your students to pay for the FilmSkills license directly, there are two options:

  • Option 1: Your school can pay our invoice, then you can collect payment directly from your students using the integrated credit card processing tools. This requires a free Stripe account which can be set-up and linked to your FilmSkills account in minutes. once active, you can set a price for each FilmSkills class. The students will be prompted to pay via credit card, then all revenue will flow directly to you.
  • Option 2: We can configure your account so that student payments are routed to FilmSkills Academic, bypassing any payments or invoices to your organization. Keep in mind that with this option, we do not offer discounts based on the number of student accounts. All costs are fixed at $15 per month.

The FilmSkills Academic Full Content license is incredibly flexible and includes all 300+ lessons. The lessons are available for you to review in your Lesson Library, then each faculty member can mix and match lessons to build each class, tailoring the learning path to your curriculum.

The FilmSkills High School Program provides 100 lessons, which are bundled together. When you build each class, you will add the entire bundle, then select which lessons to unlock for your students.

The FilmSkills Safety Training Program is a fixed cost and duration. All 14 lessons are included for 3 months at a flat rate of $39.99 per student.


Getting Students Enrolled

There are one of three ways you can enroll your students:

Direct Link to – Using this option, students can click on “Begin Learning,” then they can choose their school and the class they are to join.

Link to – Use this link if you chose the free platform tier. Your school’s account will be listed in the dropdown list of schools on the course catalog page.

Link to your dedicated landing page – If you upgraded your platform tier, then you can build your own landing page, about us page, and course catalog page which displays only your courses.  The link will be<your school’s name>/courses.