Build Your Own Branded Online Academy

In less than one hour, you can have your own branded learning platform, the complete FilmSkills content library, tools to author your own content, and integrated payment processing to generate revenue.

Incredibly powerful. Surprisingly intuitive.

Complete Content


White Labeled

Your Branding. Your URL.

Your organization’s brand is important, which is why flexible new tools let you easily brand your online academy with your own logos, colors, images, and fonts. With our innovative new WYSIWYG visual editor, you don’t need to know any coding.

Plus, you can map your academy to your own URL so students will have a completely branded experience on your website.

White Label

Brand your academy with your own logo, colors, images, and fonts using a fun, no-coding WYSIWYG interface.

URL Mapping

Map your academy to your own website or sub domain for a completely integrated user experience.

Credit Card Processing

Free, integrated credit card processing puts you in control of revenue.

Create Branded Sub Accounts

If your organization has individual departments, satellite locations, or separate divisions that need to access your content, but requires their own instructors to manage training locally, you can create separate sub accounts under your academy and distribute your content to them.

Create Your Own Content

Author your own multimedia content lessons, share them with other instructors, and even distribute them to other accounts. Lessons take on your organization’s branding, so you present a fully branded experience to your students.

Lesson Authoring Tools

You and your fellow instructors can author your own self-contained multimedia lessons, which you can share with each other to synchronize your curriculum.  Mix and match with FilmSkills lessons to build in-person classes or online courses specifically tailored to your students’ needs.

Each lesson supports a wide range of content, including

  • Full video hosting, editing, and preview editor lets you add training video
  • Add interactive online PowerPoints
  • Add test questions to build certification programs
  • Create projects and exercises
  • Add links to your company’s website and product pages
  • Add downloadable files, from brochures to spec sheets 
  • Control which instructors can use and edit your lesson in their classes

Always Current

Refresh your lessons with new content anytime, and they will update instantly for all users.


You control who can use your lessons and where. Let fellow instructors use and/or edit your lessons.

Share and Sync

Sell your lessons to other educators for a profit, and synchronize your content across your department.

Build Your Own Master Classes

In-person classes support the instructor in a live classroom by providing real-time student and classroom management tools.

More powerful than ever, FilmSkills continues to push the boundaries of what you can do in the classroom. Choose your lessons to create a incredibly flexible classroom experience that will delight your students and make your job easier.

Build Self-Guided Online Courses

Mix and match your lessons for a fully customizable learning experience for each group of learners. Courses feature rolling enrollment and require little-to-no instructor interaction.  Build them, forget about them, and let them generate revenue.

Create Stunning
Certification Programs

Certification is a powerful tool to motivate your students to achieve, while adding value to your online courses.  Flexible certification programs enable you to create, manage, and and administer your certifications with easy and efficient.


Integrated E-Commerce

Accept Credit Card Payments

Your account allow you to sell your classes and courses to students and keep 100% of the profits. You have your own credit card account and the revenue flows directly into your bank account - no middle man.

Accounting Manager

Manage your revenue with our robust, integrated accounting tool. Track which classes, courses, and lessons are selling best, and view your numbers at a glance.

Distribute Your Content

Cutting edge tools empower you to share your individual lessons, in-person classes, and even online courses with other companies and schools. Control your content, generate revenue, and reach educators around the world hungry to supplement their curricula with your training materials.

Designed to help you share your content across departments, with satellite organizations, or license to other accounts, Network Sharing lets you set the price and use permissions, so you are always in control of your content.

Share Lessons

Share individual lessons with another account, so their instructors can mix-and-match to build their own classes.

Share Classes and Courses

Share complete classes and courses with any other account, which they can edit or update.


Set the price for your lessons, classes, and courses, and receive 100% of the royalties each time a student joins.

How Does It Work?

Choose the organization with whom you wish to share your lessons, classes, or courses.  Set the permissions for how they can use your lessons, and set a unique price for that organization.  If they accept, your content will be deposited into their account.

That organization can then mix and match your content with theirs to create an in-person class or online course. They can mark up the cost to students to generate a revenue. When the students join, you receive 100% of your price, and they retain the balance.

The lessons will unlock in each class and course, and all the lessons content will be available to the students and instructor.

The Affordable Solution

All the tools you need to build your own branded academy
$ 999
Per Month
  • URL map to your website
  • Site editor for WYSIWYG branding
  • Lesson authoring tools
  • Build in-person classes
  • Build self-guided online courses
  • Student account manager
  • Student account manager
  • Build certification programs
  • Integrated credit card processor
  • Robust accounting and admin tools

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