Manage Your Classroom

In-Person Classes support an instructor in a live teaching environment by providing real-time student and classroom management tools.

More powerful than ever, FilmSkills continues to push the boundaries of what you can do in the classroom. Choose your lessons to create a incredibly flexible classroom experience that will delight your students and make your job easier.

Student Roster

  • Track student log-in dates and times
  • Set a seat limit, and automated wait lists manage the overflow when your class is full
  • Approve all student enrollment applications for free and institute-pays classes
  • View full student profiles, complete with photos and contact information
  • Batch e-mail students in each class
  • Auto-enroll student into any class or course
  • Manually reset student passwords
  • Log in to student accounts to troubleshoot

The Ultimate Tool to Test Your Students

The robust Test Manager makes assessment easy. Author and share your own test questions, build comprehensive tests, enjoy auto-grading, and instantly uncover common problem areas for your class.

Mix and Match Questions

Choose questions you wrote, questions shared with you by colleagues, or select questions included in the lessons

Customize Test Settings

Select randomization options, test availability window, create timed tests, number of attempts, and grading options


Each test is auto-graded, unless you add short answers. Grade short answers with an easy-to-use grading tool

Reports and Metrics

Track class and student results, view most missed questions, class performance metrics, and grade management tools

Create, Assign and Grade Projects and Exercises

  • Auto-assign projects included in any lessons you license
  • Create your own interactive projects and exercises
  • Share your projects with other instructors in your organization
  • Assign projects to students on specific dates
  • Students upload project submissions in platform
  • Grade projects and provide feedback
  • Project grades are automatically tracked in the class grade book

Integrated Messaging and Forums

  • Send one way announcements to all the students in your class
  • Create discussion forums to connect your students
  • Direct messaging tool make it easy for students and instructors to stay in contact.

The Ultimate GradeBook

The GradeBook is a powerful tool in managing your student and class results.

  • Each class has its own gradebook
  • Each student also has their own grade book
  • Auto-manage all test and project grades
  • Track and manage class attendance
  • Set grade curves
  • Add external grades with ease
  • Export grades to your organization’s LMS
  • Track lesson viewing

Full Feature List

Building Classes

Mix and Match Lessons

Build each class out of lessons you authored, lessons shared with you from your colleagues, and lessons from other companies and schools.

Flexible Dates

Choose starting and ending dates to coincide with your live training events.

Time Zone Support

Select the time zone in which each class will occur. All class events will sync to that time zone.

Create Unlimited Duplicates

Duplicate and edit classes for use in multiple sections or when being taught by multiple instructors.

Use Previous Classes

Duplicate and update previously-used classes to save time from creating each class from scratch.

Seat Limits and Waiting Lists

Limit attendance with seat limits. AccuSkills automatically manages waiting lists and offers free seats on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Create Private Classes

Choose to make classes public or private. Set a password to display hidden classes on your catalog page to protect sensitive training from the public.

Billing and Revenue

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Collect payment from students and enjoy direct deposit into your bank account. No middle man.

Earn Money

Set a price for each class and keep 100% of the profits when students pay to join each class.

Offer Free Classes

Provide classes built from your lessons, and/or free lessons for free to your students.

Institute Pays or Student Pays

If you license lessons from another organization, you can choose whether your institution will pay for the class or students can pay directly when they join.


Listing on Course Catalog Page

Students can join classes from your branded course catalog page. automated process includes account creation, and payment collection.

Auto-Enroll Students

Use the Student Manager to automatically enroll students into your classes and courses. Students receive an e-mail with a link that opens their home page with pre-loaded classes.

Student Verification and Approval

Students who join any institute-pays class will require instructor approval before being admitted to the class.

Direct Link to Classes

Provide a direct link to class sign up pages to simplify student registration process.

Join through AccuSkills Landing Page

Add your company or school's classes and courses to AccuSkills' global catalog page. Students can look up your institution and and public classes/courses associated with it.

Refunds and Withdrawals

Students can withdraw from any student-pays class up to the first day of class. They can withdraw up to 7 days into an institution-pays class.

Class Management

Class Dashboard

Each class has a dashboard on the instructor home page with alerts, notifications, and overall student status for easy classroom management.

Student Roster

Manage your enrolled students, pending students, and class waiting lists.

Video Tracking

Track how much of each lesson video each student has viewed.

Group Testing

Create custom tests by mixing and matching test questions included in each lesson. Set randomization, grading, and retake options. Tests are auto-graded.

Class Messaging

Post a one-way announcement to the whole class, create unlimited discussion groups in each class, and private message individual students.

Class Calendar

Sync deadlines for lessons, projects, and tests across all students in the class. Students and instructors can create and sync classroom events.

Lesson Assignments

Show or hide class lessons from students, assign lessons to unlock and lock on specific dates, all synced on class calendar.

Interactive Projects

Assign projects included in the lessons chosen for the class plus projects you created. Students can upload project results, and instructors can grade and provide feedback.


View student grades, manage attendance, add new grades, edit existing grades, and set grade curves.

Files and Weblinks

Upload your own files and links to online resources.