Build Certification Programs

Incentivize your students with the ultra-versatile certification tool. Customize certificates, assign requirements, and track certifications.

Create Stunning
Certification Programs

Certification is a powerful tool to motivate your students to achieve, while adding value to your online courses.  Flexible certification programs enable you to create, manage, and and administer your certifications with easy and efficient.

Customizable Certificates

Choose from 18 beautiful certificate templates, from fun to professional. Edit the text, font color, then add your own signature and even organization logo.

Flexible Requirements

Connect your certification to performance in AccuSkills Classes or custom create your own task list. Students who meet your requirements are certified.

Fully Trackable

The Certification Database makes it easy to manage and track your students, and to cross reference the embedded serial number to prevent fraud.

Certify Anything

Craft certification programs for anything. Certify students who complete a course, accomplish a set of tasks, or excel in an AccuSkills class. Each certification program can be individually tailored for you and your programs needs.
The process is fully automated, with students receiving a customized certificate they can print or download.  You can even set expiration dates on your certifications, all in less than a minute.
To reduce the risk of fraud and easily track course completion and compliance, each certificate is individually numbered and cross-referenced with the Certification Database.

Full Feature List

Customize Certificates

18 Beautiful Templates

Choose from a selection of pre-designed templates ranging from fun to professional.

Set Expiration Dates

Grant certification indefinitely, or set an expiration date for each certification.

Save and Print

Students who are certified can view, download, and print their certified from their student home page.

Customize Each Certificate

Add your organization's name, logo, certification name, font color, instructor name, and add a digital instructor signature.

Serial Numbers

Each certificate has an embedded serial number to prevent fraud. Serial numbers can be easily verified in the Certification Database.

Certification Programs

Set Required Outcomes

Set what students must do to receive certification. Add performance milestones from selected classes and/or a list of tasks.

Share with other Instructors

Allow fellow instructors to co-manage certification programs.

Track Certified Students

A centralized Certification Database allows you to search and verify student certifications. Certification Database can either be publically visible or only available to instructors.