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Fall 2022

With all new updated content and resources, FilmSkills Academic helps your students prepare for a career in the film industry

All New 12-Lesson Editing Series

Hollywood television and film editors teach the art and technique of narrative editing, from data management and post workflow to best on-set practices to maximize options in the editing room

The Art and Technique of Film Editing

Designed to teach industry-standard techniques, the FilmSkills Editing lessons supplement your curriculum with vibrant editing demos, illustrated supporting reference guides, projects, and test questions – all to help your students become better editors.

With a three tier focus, students first learn the mechanics of data management and the editing workflow from assembly cut though color grading.

Then in-depth tutorials on how to shoot and edit both dialogue and action-driven scenes are supported with an engaging study of the psychology of how editing choices impact the audience’s emotional response.

Finally, students learn the business of hiring an editor, working with a post supervisor, and how to handle notes and feedback from test audiences and executives.

The FilmSkills Editing Lessons include

All New Crew Job Shadows

Students learn the daily duties and responsibilities from dozens of artists and technicians, including professional gaffers, grips, assistant directors, producers, and production designers.

The Producers

The Assistant Directors

The Art Department

The Camera Crew

The Electric Department

The Grip Department

How to Shoot a Scene

This newly updated lesson gives students an overview of how a scene is shot: block, light, rehearse, tweak, and shoot. While each of these steps are covered in more detail in other lessons, this lesson is an excellent primer for laying the groundwork for a more advanced production curriculum.

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New Expansion Lessons

All new expansion lessons supplement existing lessons with additional, in-depth analysis. From how to use common on-set forms to advanced technical processes, each lesson teaches students industry best practices.

LOG, LUTs, and Waveform Monitors

The new cinematography technical lessons explain the complex concepts of LOG curves, waveform monitors, and LUTs

Cinematography Technique

The cinematography expansion lessons feature industry best practices for common on-set scenarios.

Contracts and Forms

Each lesson focuses on one form, with concise directions and blank templates students can use on their own productions.

All New Lessons: Casting Actors

Hollywood casting directors reveal the process of finding and auditioning actors who bring a creative presence to the screen and provide a marketable face for distributors and audiences.

English Subtitles

Your students will not only learn from newly updated lessons, but we’ve been busy adding subtitles to the entire video library.

All the FilmSkills Academic lessons now feature English subtitles.

Updated Lighting Lessons

Students learn studio techniques for refining the key light and advanced lighting techniques for cinematic results in narrative movies, documentaries, and commmercials.

These advanced lessons build on the comprehensive FilmSkills Lighting curriculum, where we guide students through the lighting and grip tool and techniques.

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