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The FilmSkills Safety Training Program

In recent years, students have been seriously injured and even killed while trying to get the perfect shot. Had these accidents been avoided, those students would still be with us today, and the universities responsible could have avoided millions of dollars in litigation. The best defense against an accident is education.

The FilmSkills Safety Training Program incorporates OSHA workplace standards with the unique safety demands of on-set production to build an online training program in line with California IATSE safety requirements. This 14-module course, taught by Safety Pass instructors, features engaging videos, illustrated companion guides, downloadable reference charts, and a testing tool to ensure comprehension of the material.

Tools to Customize, Administer, and Track

Mix and match the 14 safety training lessons to build custom classes on FilmSkills’ powerful training platform. Each class features a suite of tools to track student viewing of each lesson, build, administer, and grade tests with a library of hundreds of test questions, and manage your student roster with ease. Support multiple instructors, build certification programs, and brand FilmSkills with your school’s logos, images, and colors.

FilmSkills tracks student viewing of each video and test results, so you have a record in the event of injury or lawsuit. 

14 Online Lessons

Each lesson features on-set video tutorials, illustrated guides, and a downloadable reference sheet.


Build customizable tests from hundreds of questions to ensure student comprehension and retention.

Class Management

Track student progress, manage grades, and build custom classes with FilmSkills online tools.

The FilmSkills Online Safety Training Program allows us to augment our in-class lessons with in-depth and comprehensive modules. Having had our students take the series of safety modules, we are confident that our students now have the knowledge to achieve their artistic vision SAFELY.
Professor William McDonals Chair
UCLA Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media

The 14 Safety Lessons

Specifically designed to educate film students in a world of increasing risk and liability

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